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China pledges to crack down on violations leading to helmet price spikes


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China will crack down on market violations that have led to helmet price spikes in recent weeks, the country's top market regulator has said.

Market regulators at all levels should work with public security organs to crack down on those fabricating information about helmet price hikes, hoarding and profiteering, price gouging and other violations, according to the State Administration for Market Regulation.

Those suspected of committing related crimes will be handed over to public security organs for investigation, the administration added.

Helmet sales have soared by nearly 400 percent year on year this month on China's leading e-commerce platform JD.com. Turnover in provincial-level regions such as Jiangsu, Henan, Tianjin and Yunnan was more than 10 times as much as the same period of last year, data from the e-commerce giant showed.

JD.com promised to provide consumers with 50,000 quality helmets every day.

The price hikes came as the Ministry of Public Security has launched a campaign calling on motorcycle and electric bike riders to wear a safety helmet while motorists and passengers are compelled to wear seat belts.

Starting from June 1, riding motorcycles without a helmet and driving or riding in cars without wearing a seat belt will be punishable. Electric bike riders will also be asked to wear helmets.