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User Guide to the Health Kit

Date:2020-04-09      Source:Beijing Foreign Affairs Office

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User Guide to the Health Kit for Foreign Nationals

1. Open WeChat / Alipay, search for the mini-program “Health Kit”, or scan the QR code below to access it.

2. After accessing the mini-program, set the language first (you can choose between Chinese and English).

3. For example, if you choose “English”, read the following statement and confirm after setting the language.

4. Click “Query on me” to fill in the information. Enter your name and the number of the passport you used for entering China.

5. After filling in the information, take a photo of the key information page of the ID document you used upon entry for verification.

6. Click “Query on me” to check your health status for the day. The query results are only valid until 24 o'clock of the day.

7. If you want to check the health status for others, click “Query on others”.